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 About Us 

 About the School 

Bombay Drum School was founded with the idea to provide a one stop platform for drummers where they can learn, practice and perform, all under one roof, in order to elevate the process of honing and perfecting their skills.

Drummers have always had it hard in cities, where apart from finding a good teacher, students need to worry about their practice due to the nature of the instrument, i.e, the large size and the loud sound produced by a drum, making it inconvenient for students to keep a drum set in their home. This is something we, at Bombay Drum School, plan to address.

With the state-of-the-art facilities available at the Bombay Drum School, we provide our students personalized lessons, a space to practice, drum workshops led by industry professionals, student recordings and drum sponsorship's for events and shows where students would like to perform.

We believe students learn best in smaller and quieter environments, therefore carrying out lessons on a one-on-one basis and small groups of 2 students at a time. This helps students concentrate better, while ensuring teachers are able to provide individual attention to each student, enabling them to learn more from each lesson. This further helps in forging a closer, tight knit bond between the students and teachers.

Bombay Drum School is affiliated with Rockschool Limited, London.

 About the Teachers 

Pamheiba Akoijam, also known as Akoi by fellow musicians and students, has been performing and teaching drums in Mumbai for the past 17 years. Having performed with a vast array of artists all across India, he is a versatile performer, and a sought out drum instructor.


Notable artists & bands he has performed with include Clinton Cerejo, Mohini Dey, Supervibe, ShredxXx & many more. He is currently working on a full length album with ShredxXx.

Akoi started his journey as a drummer early in his childhood, at the tender age of 13, and hasn't looked back since. He initially started off as a self taught drummer, however over time, realized the importance of formal training and therefore opted to pursue it further. He specializes in Funk, Rock & Metal.

With many years of performance and teaching experience under his belt, Akoi has a good grasp of the needs and requirements of drum students. This led him to open the Bombay Drum School, in an effort to provide aspiring drummers a platform to make learning and mastering their instruments, easier, accessible and fun.

Akoi has completed Grade 8 from Rockschool College of Music, London.


Sumit Chowdhury, a drummer, percussionist and composer by profession, Sumit is a passionate and enthusiastic musician strongly rooted to music since a very young age. Born in a bengali family, he was exposed to music of all forms from the beginning. This devotion lead him to realise that he has a knack for music.


7 years ago he made a start to his fervour when he became a part of his college band. He decided to persue his career with drums. Endless hours of jamming and practice, he discovered a new world of notes and beats and his persistence not only made him a professional drummer but a composer as well.


He has worked with many celebrities and prominent people in the music industry namely Shibani Kashyap, Leslie LouisBig Mountain and many more. Being an integral part of a band named HyperBol, he also signed a music album with Zee Music Co. for a Bollywood movie in 2018 and along, composed melodies, jingles and songs.


Sumit has completed Grade 4 from Trinity College, London and is preparing for further grades as well

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